Anvil’s Facebook page is located here. We would like to clarify, however, that we have often witnesses the unfortunate events that follow when Facebook and cocktails are combined. We are not responsible for any actions that may follow. Thank you for appreciation of this issue. Oh, and one more thing…the next person who sends us an app about zombies is cut off.

4 Responses to “ANVIL – FACEBOOK”

  1. lots of wonderful data here. A+

  2. Steve Nettles says:


    Thanks for spending the time talking with Chuck & I about tequila tonight. We had a great time.


  3. Bobby Heugel says:

    It was my pleasure!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Kevin Floyd… U need to call the Roadhouse in Fayetteville … We would like to hear from u … Congrads on the business… And hope to come in next time I’m in Houston!!

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