If you’re a long time Drink Dogma reader, I know you probably think that I’ve been a lazy blogger. Sure, Drink Dogma has been neglected lately, but I’ve been anything but lax about writing about cocktails. For 15 weeks now, I’ve been writing about cocktails for the Houston Press, a local paper mag that’s been an eclectic Houston staple for years.  I’m also doing my best with the photography, but I’ve got no experience with quality photography at all.  My weekly cocktail column appears on their food blog, Eating Our Words, every week, and I will post links to these columns from this point forward for Drink Dogma readers.

The Pisco Sour

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, the goal of these posts is to educate a broad audience about cocktails, so I am trying to be as informative and entertaining as possible while still covering the basics. So, if you’re a super cocktail dork (let’s face it, why else would you be reading this blog), you might find these posts elementary. That’s the point. Also, the Houston Press is definitely a Houston-centric publication, so the writing definitely reflects my passionate love for my home city.

Interested, or not, I figured letting everyone know about this would, at the very least, help repair my reputation as a cocktail blogger and writer. I’m not a lazy as I seem! Additionally, now that Drink Dogma has been redesigned, be prepared to see more posts on here that do unleash the inner cocktail geek. The Anvil staff is going to be writing more, Anvil events, such as classes, menus, and other special events will be covered and recapped, and hopefully we can get some cocktail videos working soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Houston Press Cocktail Columns I’ve written so far:

2-23-10 – The Vieux  Carre

3-2-10 – The French 75

3-9-10 – The Blood and Sand

3-16-10 – The Old-Fashioned

3-24-10 – El Diablo

4-1-10 – The Last Word

4-8-10 – The Kangaroo Cocktail

4-15-10 – The Hemingway Daiquiri

4-22-10 – The Mint Julep Part 1: Bourbon Basics

4-29-10 – The Mint Julep Part 2: The Julep

5-6-10 – The Margarita

5-13-10 – The Pisco Sour

5-20-10 – The Champagne Cocktail

5-27-10 – The Corpse Reviver #2

6-4-10 – The Negroni

6-14-10 – The Corn N’ Oil

6-21-10 – The Tom Collins

6-30-10 Swizzles

7-12-10 The Gin & Tonic

7-20-10 The Bees Knees

7-27-10 The Maple Leaf

Thanks for not giving up on Drink Dogma!

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  1. Chris Loudermilk says:

    I’d be glad to help you with the photography…Let me know

  2. Gregory says:

    Bobby – I’m a cocktail dork AND thoroughly enjoyed reading through those articles. I’m fairly new to the party, but do have strong roots, being originally from New Orleans! I thought the articles were very well balanced, to speak to both the casual cocktailer/newspaper reader, but to also keep someone like me interested. Best of all, I’ve REALLY enjoyed discovering the Last Work and Smitten (okay, the latter was in the Negroni comments, but it’s genius!) over the weekend!

    I hope you post to your own blog more often, but I’ll at least keep an eye out for more HP articles.

    Thanks for helping to keep the craft alive.

  3. Gregory says:

    Woops! the Last *Word!

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